How to keep spool files to be tested

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  • 05-Dec-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017




GWAVA 7 is having problems with certain messages. Can GWAVA keep these problem messages to be tested with or sent to support?


Yes. GWAVA 7 has the ability to keep any message that has been processed by the system. Follow These steps to turn this feature on.

1) Log in to GWAVA 7

Open the URL to the GWAVA 7 Server.

Select the Interface to log in to. In this case, select System Administration.

Open the Module Management Menu item.

Expand the available Interfaces menu item.

2) Configure SMTP Interface

a) Open SMTP Interface that needs to be modified.

b) Turn on Spooling

Expand the Server menu item and check the box for 'Keep spool files'

3) Spool Files

Once the spooling of files has been turned on these files will be stored in this location:


Note: The #_# will be server specific. The first # references the ServerId. The second # references the ModuleId.

Warning: These files will NEVER be cleaned up. This process is not meant to be turned on forever. Once the files have been collected, this feature should be turned off and the files cleaned up.

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