Using the "Create users in Retain if they don't exist" checkbox

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PST Importer


What happens when I check the Create users in Retain if they don't exist box?


It is better if the PST Importer is used to import the PST file into an existing Retain user archive; however, if you must use this option, then just know that after it creates a user in Retain, the user will not be able to log into Retain. In addition to that, if the user account ever gets added to the Retain address book through an address book refresh by the Retain server, the user will have duplicate mailboxes:  one created by the PST import and the other that was brought in through the address book refresh from the mail system.  All future archive jobs will go into the mailbox created by the address book refresh; thus, the real purpose of the option to create the users in Retain if they don't exist is for importing mail from a PST file for a user that will never exist in the email system from which you are archiving; or, if the user is a former user that no longer exists in the email system but you have a PST file containing their data.

In such cases, follow these steps:

1. View the mailbox while logged in as admin.

The users boxed in red were created using the PST Importer. Note that the user has been assigned an Email Address, Mailbox (ID), and UID. You can search for the user with the criteria set to "First Name" and the user name listed in the search bar.

2. Create a user to access the newly added data.
A. Click on Users under the Management heading, click the Add User box, type in a user id, type in a password.

B.  Click on the Mailboxes tab, check the box next to the desired mailbox, and click the Add Selected box. Note that the name should appear in the Currently Selected box. Click on Save Changes.

The following steps (C & D) are only required when the newly created user logs in for the first time.

C.  When logging in to Retain, the newly created user will not view a mailbox. You must click on Please choose a new mailbox.

D.  Clicking on Please choose a new mailbox pulls up this window which allows the user to select their mailbox.

3. Create the user in Console One/Exchange then merge the mailbox.
A. Click on the bug in the top left corner of you screen to bring you to this page. Then click on Mailbox Merger/Splitter (You may need to scroll down).

B.  Select the desired mailboxes to be merged, then click merge.

C. After mailboxes have been merged, this is how the user will view their mailbox.

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