How to Configure Scheduled Report Cleanup

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  • 28-Aug-2009
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Redline 3.1.1. build 961+


How to Configure Scheduled Report Cleanup


How do I clean up old Scheduled Reports?
There are excessive amounts of files/folders in the /opt/beginfinite/redline/db/reports folder.

Redline 3.1.1 version 961 and above has a new Scheduled Report Cleanup function.  This will remove the folders for the generated reports automatically during the cleanup process.  It is a global scope.  This means that the number of days to retain reports applies to ALL reports and not just one or two.  For example, it there is a monthly report that you would want to view 6 months later, the cleanup days would need to be 180 or higher.

To configure the report cleanup option do  the following:

  1. Login to the Redline Control Center Web Interface and select Reports, [left side] Scheduler, and Configure Scheduler.
  2. Enable the cleanup option by checking the box.
  3. Enter the number of days to retain the reports. 
NOTE:    All reports beyond this amount of days will be deleted during nightly maintenance.

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