Redline Agent Cannot Access The GWAVA 4 Logfile

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  • 16-Apr-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


Redline Agent 3.x
NetWare 6.5.x
SLES 10.x
OES 2.x
SLES 9.3
OES 1.x


Redline Agent Cannot Access The GWAVA 4 Logfile "LOGFILE COULD NOT BE ACCESSED" error on the Redline Agent Console


This error is odd because Redline makes it seem as though there is a problem with the /etc/pathtab file.  This is possible, but for this particular incident connected to GWAVA4, it is usually not the case. 

1.  Shutdown the Redline Agent on the system that has this error.
2.  Go to the sys:\opt\beginfinite\redline\db folder on the machine where the agent that is giving this error is located.
3.  Open the file called AGSTATE.CONF.
4.  Look for the lines that reference a GWAVA path and remove them.

5.  Save the file
6.  Restart the Redline Agent

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