License file is submitted, but Redline still in DEMO mode.

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  • 31-Oct-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


Redline 3.x
All supported Operating Systems


Submitted license file through Web Interface, but Redline still says it's in demo mode. Submitted license file, log says the license is expired or demo has expired.


1.  Check the .../REDLINE/LICENSE directory.  See if there is more than one *.pem file in the directory.  If there is, unload the Control Center, delete all others, and place the new license file only in the directory.

2.  If there still continues to be a problem with the license, go to the GWAVA licensing webpage and test the license file.  The test is at the bottom of the page.  Upload the license file and click TEST. 

a.  Make sure the file is not corrupt.
b.  Check the license expiration date is valid.
c.  Check the start and end dates and make sure that they are valid. 
d.  Check the time and date on the server the Redline Control Center is on.  Make sure the times are not off and they fall within the range found in the test.

NOTE:  If any of these are invalid or out of range, it is necessary to get a new license.  Contact licensing (1-866-GO-GWAVA, or email  to obtain a new license.

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