Vertigo is Not Reporting the Mailbox Size Correctly

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  • 07-Sep-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Vertigo 1.1.5 or earlier


When trying to see the size of a mailbox, Vertigo does not show an accurate size estimation.


Vertigo has had trouble reporting the correct mailbox size in versions earlier than 1.1.6.

1) Check the version of Vertigo.
Open Vertigo.  In the menu bar click on 'Help' and then select 'About Vertigo.'

The current version of Vertigo can be found here, along with a lot of other information about software changes.
2)  Update Vertigo.
Vertigo 1.1.6 has made some new changes including more accurate mailbox size calculating, click here to read more about the changes in Vertigo 1.1.6.

This link provides some help and guidance on how to update Vertigo:
Updating Vertigo to Build 1.1.6, Getting an Error Stating it Must be on GroupWise 7.03 or Higher to Run the Program
Once Vertigo has been updated to at least version 1.1.6 then it should report more accurate mailbox sizes.

Additional Information

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