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Reload (all versions)


What is the Tape option under each of my profiles?


The tape option will create a tarball of the portable backup directory. Configuring Reload to create a tarball, the Reload Agent creates a *.tar file out of the Portable Backups available for a particular Reload Profile. Creating the *.tar file from the Portable Backup does not remove the Portable Backup, the *.tar file is created in addition to the Portable Backup. Enabling the Tape option will require additional disk space, the same amount of space that the portable backup uses will be needed.

After a Portable Backup has completed, the name of the Portable Backup directory will be appended with a “-T”.

For example: the original name of a Portable Backup directory might be called: 1-week-05-2006. After the Reload server has created a *.tar file from the Portable Backup, the name of the directory would change to: 1-week-05-2006-T

Note: It’s important to understand that the 1-week-05-2006-T is a directory and is not a tarball. The *.tar file that gets created by the Reload Agent follows this naming convention: <profile name>-<Portable Backup Directory Name>.tar e.g. po1-1-week-05-2006.tar

To Enable "Tape - Configure Tape Backup (Tar Portable Backups) jobs", load Reload console Administration:

1) From a terminal window enter "reload".

2) Select Profiles - Administer Profiles.

3) Select Post Office Profile.

4) Select the profile in question <select profile>.

5) Select Tape - Configure Tape Backup (Tar Portable Backups) Jobs.

6) Press enter on Create - Create Tape Archive (TAR) Files: to change from Disabled to Enabled.

7) Select Path - Specify Tape Archive (TAR) File Path.

8) Highlight Modify and press enter to set path.

9) Enter the path to the directory where you want the tar file to be saved

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