How to Re-create a Bootstrap for the Retain Worker

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  • 06-Jul-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain (all builds)
Linux, Windows, NetWare


A new Worker "bootstrap" (RetainWorker2.cfg) is needed whenever the Worker stops functioning (i.e., doesn't pick up a scheduled job or reports errors) or when you make changes to the Worker port configuration.


1.  In the Retain Server Management Interface, download a new Worker bootstrap (Data Collection | Workers | [select the worker] | Bootstrap) and save that to an easily accessible location.

2.  Stop Tomcat.

3.  Go to the location where the old bootstrap is located.

[drive]:\Program Files\Beginfinite\Retain\RetainWorker\WEB-INF\cfg
4.  Rename or remove the RetainWorker2.cfg (bootstrap)

5.  Start Tomcat

6.  Login to the Retain Worker: http://[DNS name or IP address]/RetainWorker

7.   Upload the new RetainWorker2.cfg (bootstrap) that you downloaded earlier.

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