How to fix a replication error in a GWAVA Network with PostgreSQL.

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  • 17-Oct-2013
  • 30-Sep-2019


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 6.5 on Linux
PostgreSQL 9.x


GWAVA network with at least two servers. All servers using PostgreSQL as GWAVAMAN database. One or more servers in the network are not seeing all servers and showing a replication error.


On occasion, GWAVA server databases may get out of sync causing some servers to no longer be aware of all servers in the GWAVA system network and showing a replication error.

The GWAVA database is designed to contain all of the data for all servers on the network. Usually one of the databases will be able to see all of the GWAVA servers.  This means that if the "good" database can be found, then it can be copied to all of the other servers and fix the problem. 

Follow these steps for instructions:

1) Find the server with the "good" database.
The easiest way to do this is to find the server that can see all of the other GWAVA servers. 
Log in to the GWAVA Management Console: <server address>:49282

Go to 'Server/Scanner Management' and see if all of the servers are displayed.  If not continue looking through the other servers.  Once you have found that server, make note of it, this server will have the "good" database that still contains the information for all of the other servers.
If all of the GWAVA servers can't be seen from at least one, then contact GWAVA support for more help.

2) Clear the replicator queue.

In the GWAVA Management Console, on the server with the "good" database, browse to: System Management | Advanced | System tools | Network, server & DB tools | Replication manager. Under Replicator Status. If any of these queues have items waiting, they'll need to be cleared. This can be done under Replication Operations, by clicking on each queue with a green triangle one at a time.

Under Replicator Status, the queues should go back to zero.

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