How To Check How Many Daily Backups Are On The Reload Server

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  • 24-Aug-2010
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all version)


How do I check how many daily backups I have on my reload server?


The best way to see the number of daily backups would be by going to the directory where reload copies the post office backups to.
If you are unsure where the backups are saved on the Reload server, here are 2 ways to check:

1) Open the 'Reload Web Administration' from a web browser:

Browse to: http://<ip/host name>:5555

Click on the profile in question.

Under the first tab, Overview,  'Post Office Profie Status & Information'

The Profile Path will be listed.  Example: /data/po1


2)  Or open the 'Reload Console Administration':

a) From a terminal window prompt:

type reload

select 'Profile' - Administer Profiles

select 'Post Office Profile'

select the profile in question

select 'Overview' - Profile Overview

the Local Profile Path: /data/po1

b) Browse to the profile path just found:

Change directory into the path just located and then to 'backups'.

cd /data/po1/backups

List the contents of the directory:

One portable directory, '1-week33-2010', and the 'weeknow' directory are listed.

In each of these directories will be directories starting with the day of the week (sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri) that the backups were performed on, these are the daily backups.

The 'weeknow' directory has the current daily backups:

The Portable directory, by default,  has a week of daily backups.

In this example, there are 3 daily backups in the 'weeknow' directory and 7 daily backups in the '1-week33-2010' directory. This Reload server has 10 days of backups.


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