Telnet can be used to Verify if a Reload Backup is Still Running

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  • 01-Dec-2009
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all version)


How can I tell if Reload is still backing up anything from my GroupWise server? 


Reload's System Event Log and System Agent Log are very useful tools in determining backup activity. Another option would be to check the size of ofuser, ofmsg, or offiles.  If these directories are increasing in size then Reload is actively backing up GroupWise.

The most definitive way to verify if the Reload job is still backing up GroupWise is with telnet.  Run Telnet from a terminal windows on the Reload server, or from putty;

telnet localhost 5001 (user db)
If you get a connection refused then dbcopy isn't currently coping anything on that port.

If you are returned with Connected to localhost then enter rff (request for file) and you will be returned with the current user database being copied, or the last database that was copied. 

Telnetting to the msg or blobs ports will be similar, returning the file name currently being copied, or the last file that was copied.

Ports used by dbcopy:
5001 - user databases and user indexes
5002 - message databases
5005 to 5014 - blobs (offiles)

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