Connection Error When Configuring Exchange Module (LDAP Error codes)

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  • 06-Aug-2014
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x

Microsoft Exchange


When I try to test the connection to my Exchange system I get an error:
FAILURE: User doesn't exist or is not mail enabled.
But the user exists and mail is enabled.


Sometimes when you are configuring your Exchange module and when you try to test the connection to your Exchange Forest you get an error like this:

Exchange Module Connection Error

An LDAP error code 49 is an authentication error. The important bit of information is what comes after the data field. That is the particular LDAP connection error code that applies to this case.

LDAP authentication error codes
525 user not found
52e invalid credentials
530 not permitted to logon at this time
531 not permitted to logon at this workstation
532 password expired
533 account disabled
701 account expired
773 user must reset password
775 user account locked

The solutions to most of these are generally straightforward, for example the solution for a 52e error is using the correct password.

However, a 773 error can be more subtle. The solution for a 773 error is a new password but to keep it from happening again you have to go into Exchange and Active Directory and make sure that the password policy does not require the user to change their passwords after they login. It will work the first time but then fail the second time because the password was not changed.

Best practice is to set the user and password to never expire, and that the user cannot change the password.

LDAP: error code 32 -  No Such Object
This means there is a rights issue and the Impersonation User does not have proper access. see AD Solution to LDAP error code 32 Issue

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