The Collector is Not Upgrading Itself

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  • 04-Feb-2016
  • 30-Aug-2017


Reload 5


The server was upgraded but the collectors have not.


There is an upgrade cycle where the collector checks for an upgrade on the Reload server when a job begins.

When the Reload server is upgraded it dumps the upgrade rpm in


When a backup job runs the collector uses rsync to check for an rpm upgrade file. If it does it transfers the rpm to


If successful the collector upgrades itself, then corrupts of the rpm on the Reload server so it can’t upgrade again. The Reload server will check the rpm for corruption and if it is, deletes the corrupt rpm since the upgrade has been completed.

Things to check are:

  • Does the upgrade directory exist
  • Is the rpm is there and uncorrupted
  • Can the collector rsync to the server and download the upgrade

Additional Information

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