How To Install M+ Migration Tool If JAVA Isn't Detected Properly.

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  • 23-Aug-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain M+ Migration Utility from Retain 4.x
Windows 7.


The prompt that JAVA 8 is not installed pops up every time an installation is attemped even though the correct version of JAVA is installed.

Command line exmple of JAVA properly installed:


Find a system where it does install on, zip the installed program files and copy them to the system on which you wish to run the utility.  If you can't get/make/find a system that will properly detect and install the migrator call support to get the proper files.

Steps to resolve this installation problem:

  1. On a secondary supported system run the installation.
  2. Zip the program files created.  Default file location is C:\Program Files\GWAVA\M+ and Netmail to Retain Migrator
    *Note: You may need to copy the files to another temp directory because of windows permissions.  Or send it to the desktop.

         A) Right click on the "M+ and Netmail to Retain Migrator" and choose "Send to" -> "Compressed (zipped) folder"

         B) Or, use any zipping utility you prefer.
  3. Copy the zipped files to the server/workstation that is refuses to detect JAVA.
  4. On the grumpy server, unzip the files into the same location (C:\Program Files\GWAVA\M+ and Netmail to Retain Migrator)
  5. For convenience: Create a desktop shortcut for the executable file on the desktop.

Congratulations!  The migrator is now installed and you can run it.

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