How to Rename a Retain Mailbox Display Name

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  • 11-Jul-2014
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Retain 3.x


I have a user who got married and I need to change her mailbox name in Retain.  Is there any way to do that?


There is not a feature in the Retain admin UI to change mailbox display names.  However, is it technically possible?  Yes, but the solution that is about to be given is unsupported as well as any ramifications from doing it (or doing it incorrectly).  GWAVA is not responsible for any consequences related to this procedure.  Also, technical support cannot help you with this procedure.  This is provided with the understanding that you assume all the risks and you have the database expertise available to you to apply the concepts.

The mailbox folder display name is stored in the f_name field of the t_folder table in the retain database.  If using MySQL, you have to log into MySQL and then issue the command "use retain" to put the focus on the retain database. 

Using the example shown above with "Sarah Jones":

NOTE:  First be sure to be logged out of the user's Retain mailbox.  To eliminate browser caching, close the browser session to Retain as well.  Also, it is always a good idea to back up your database or the VM that houses it before doing anything like this.
1.  Query for the name of "Sarah Jones Home" to get the correct folder ID that matches for your user.  Be careful when there are multiple users with the same home folder name.  Be sure to identify the correct one for obvious reasons.
select * from t_folder where f_name = 'Sarah Jones Home';

The above query produces this result:

2.  Keying off the folder_id field, you issue the UPDATE command to set the content of the f_name field, which contains the mailbox name:
update t_folder set f_name = 'Sarah Smith Home' where folder_id = '11';

You'll see a message like this:

3.  Log into the user's Retain mailbox and verify the change:

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