Unable to Migrate Indexes to New Retain 4 Format

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  • 18-Dec-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Upgrade from Retain 3 to Retain 4


After running the 4.0 installer to upgrade my software from Retain 3 to Retain 4 and after logging into the RetainServer web admin tool for the first time to have it update the schema, I restarted tomcat as instructed, logged into the RetainServer web admin again. From there, I went to Server ConfigurationIndex and clicked on the Migrate to High Performance Index button.

I then added the admin password as instructed and saved changes.

 However, upon doing so, the page is supposed to change to show this:

Instead, it remained at this screen:


We checked to see which ports were being used.  Customer had McAfee installed on the Retain server and it was using port 8081, which is the one of the default ports used by the indexer.

Your options at this point are to change the indexer port from 8081 to something not in use or to remove the application using that port.  In this case, the customer decided to remove McAfee.

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