After upgrading to Retain does not archive anymore

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  • 06-Oct-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017




After upgrading to or installing Retain the Jobs are running and the Mails are scanned, but nothing or only a few messages are archived.



Open the profiles you have created and go to the Advanced tab. All profiles have two or more lines added. Delete all unwanted lines and save the settings. Two lines will reappear but they are not used anymore.

Next in the "Scope"-Tab change the Duplicate Check to "Try to publish all messages (SLOW)". Save the Settings and leave this Setting at least for the next Job-Schedule to process. 


If you upgraded a while ago to change the Duplicate Check to "Try to publish all messages (SLOW)"  for the next Job-Run, otherwise data-loss might occur.

A Hotfix is available here:

The zip file contains a readme with Instructions. Restart tomcat after applying the Hotfix.

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