How to configure SMG to accept alias addresses / proxyAddresses

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  • 12-Dec-2016
  • 16-Oct-2018


Secure Messaging Gateway
SMTP interface
Microsoft Exchange


SMG is configured to use LDAP for recipient validation. If a mail is sent through SMG to an alias (proxyAddress) of a user, the recipient is rejected. It is also not possible to login to QMS with an alias address. How can I configure SMG to accept Exchange proxyAddresses via LDAP?


1) Open the SMG Management Console in your browser and go to Organization / Policy Management and in the OU that contains the domain open Domain Management

2) In the LDAP Hosts configuration enter (|(mail=%email%)(proxyAddresses=smtp:%email%)) under Search pattern  for the Target host and save the changes. This will make sure that the default address for a user and the proxy addresses will be found by SMG.

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