SMTP Home Switch has Been Removed From the gwia.cfg and Mail is not Getting Delivered.

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  • 12-Nov-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 (all builds)
Netware and Linux (all builds)


I removed the smtp home switch from my gwia.cfg and now mail is not coming in at all. I removed the smtp home switch from my and mail is still going to the ../3rd/receive directory to be scanned by GWAVA4(.5)


GWAVA creates a directory on your server where mail will be routed to to be scanned.  During the installation process there is a SMTP home switch added to the bottom of your gwia.cfg that tells the mail processes where to put the messages to be scanned.  If you need to  remove GWAVA you "remark" or remove the SMTP home switch from your gwia.cfg and restart the GWIA.  If you have done this and mail continues to go to the GWAVA directory to be scanned and does not get delivered to the users take the following steps

1.) In ConsoleOne go to your GWIA properties

2.) Go to the Server Directories tab

3.) Click the advanced button

4.) Remove the path from the SMTP Service Queues Dirctory (.../wpgate/gwia/3rd)

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