Reveal Will Not Print Messages

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  • 28-Jun-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Reveal 2


When selecting 'Print Messages' it looks like the message is processed, but then nothing happens


If the .NET Framework has been uninstalled or removed from the computer, after having installed Reveal, it will not be able to print messages from the Reveal interface. The following steps will help in troubleshooting this problem:

1) Try the printing features.
In Reveal, select 'Print Setup' or 'Print Messages' to see what happens.

Normally, clicking  on 'Print Setup' a small window opens, and allows for printing configurations. Click on 'Print Setup' and if nothing happens, this is an indicator that the .NET Framework is not installed.

Click on 'Print Messages,' and a small scroll bar will pop up(shown below), that says 'Retrieving message,' and nothing happens, and no messages print. This also indicates that the .NET Framework was removed.

If the .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1 or later is installed,  another window would open, which shows the progress of the messages to be printed:

2) Check the printing queue.
Reveal will queue up any print requests and store them in the GWAVA Reveal\printjob directory.  Messages will queue here, and one by one disappear as they get printed.  If this is not happening, it is likely because the .NET Framework is removed, but there could be other issues involved. 

There could possibly be issues with the printer, or connections to the printer, and these possibilities should be looked at if the .NET Framework is installed.
3) Check if .NET Framework is installed.
In the Control Panel on the Windows system, open the 'Add or Remove Programs' utility.  Next, select the 'Change or Remove Programs' tab and look for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

If it is not there, then it needs to be installed, or a later version.  Here is the link to a download for .NET Framework 3.5:
After .Net Framework has been installed, it must be updated to SP 1 or later, for the printing in Reveal to work.
4) Test the printing features.
Now try to see if the 'Print Setup' window can be opened. 

Also, try to print some messages and see if the messages get printed, if not check the printer settings and connections.
 If there continue to be issues printing messages from Reveal, please contact a support representative.

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