Why Are Digest Reports going Out To Non-Existent Users

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  • 18-Mar-2011
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 & 5 (All versions)


There is are digest reports going to email addresses in this format: firstname.lastname@yourdomain.com. There should be no users with this format of email address, so why are digest reports being created and sent to these users?


The reason that this happens is actually a GroupWise related problem, and is because of a simple Post Office configuration:

Open Console One and go to the properties of the Post Office.
Go to the GroupWise tab, and select the Internet Addressing option:

If these Allowed Address Formats are configured, then GroupWise will accept messages with recipients in these formats and consequently if messages are quarantined for these addresses, digest reports will be sent to these addresses as well.

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