Junk Mail Client Handling

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  • 09-Feb-2008
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GWAVA 4 Linux and Netware (all builds)


What is Junk Mail Client Handling? How to configure Junk Mail Client Handling.


Junk mail client handling (also known as spam tagging) identifies suspected spam messages so that the message can appear in a special junk mail folder. The only reason you would really want to do spam tagging is to deliver the messages directly to the users' junk mail folder so that they can access any mislabeled messages without using GWAVA's digest or QMS services.

To Setup Spam Tagging follow these instructions:

1) Go to the GWAVA Management Console (ipaddress:49282)

2) Navigate to: Server/Scanner Management  >> Manage Scanners >> "GWIA Scanner" >> Scanning Configuration >> Antispam >> Heuristics

3) Switch the antispam configuration mode to advanced.

4) Scroll down to thresholds 1-5
Notice that on each threshold there will be options for Flag the message as 'Junk' for client handling.

5) To turn on the spam tagging  check Flag the message as 'Junk' for client handling.  Then click Save Changes.

6) You must turn off the message block service to deliver the message to the user's mailbox.

Note: You must have the GWIA and the GroupWise client setup for Junk Mail handling in order for this option to work. Consult Novell documentation for setup of GWIA and GroupWise for Junk Mail handling.

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