Slow Mail Flow if One Hosted Domain is Down

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  • 11-Aug-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4.51 Using an SMTP Scanner


While hosting more then one domain, if one of these domains goes down, mail flow slows down for the other hosted domains.


If you are seeing mail flow slow way down, when one hosted domain goes down, it is most likely a timeout issue. GWAVA has a default client thread timeout of 300 seconds. This means that GWAVA will wait 300 seconds before it gives up on waiting for the server it is trying to communicate with. This can hold up the threads on the server, slowing down mail flow for the other domains.
1)  Browse to the Mail Interface Settings.
You can change this time out in the GWAVA Management Page | Server/Scanner Management | Server | Manage Scanners | SMTP scanner | Configure SMTP settings | Mail Interface Settings.
2) Modify the Client Thread timeout setting.
Change the default setting of 300, to 30 seconds.

Remember to save the changes, before moving to another page.
Now if a domain goes down, it shouldn't affect the other hosted domains as much.

Note: If you have sufficient available memory, you can also raise the threads from 32 to 64.

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