How to Change the Connection Greeting Banner on the SMTP Scanner

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  • 10-Jun-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4.5, 4.51
SMTP Scanner


Can the default greeting banner be changed?


Yes, changing the Greeting Banner on the SMTP Scanner is easy to change.  The banner is the first information returned to a connecting SMTP Server.  If GWAVA is hosting a single email system then the banner will be that of the back-end email server.  If GWAVA hosts multiple email domains, the default banner is ( GWAVA Proxy Copyright (c) 2010 GWAVA, Inc. All rights reserved. Ready.  When specifying a custom banner, be sure to use the same format (ex banner)

Follow these steps to use a custom greeting:

1) Login to the GWAVA Management Console

2) Click on Server/Scanner Management | (Server) | Manage Scanners | (SMTP Scanner) | Configure SMTP settings | Mail Interface Settings

3) At the bottom of that page, click Show optional SMTP Settings

4) By default, (use default) is listed for the Connection greeting (banner).  Change this value to what the banner should say.

5) Click Save Changes at the top.

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