Update Hanging on 'downloading manifest.xml'. GWAVAUPD Crashing.

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  • 11-Aug-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Running on NW or Linux


Trying to run online update, but it keeps hanging on 'downloading manifest.xml' and gwavaupd is crashing.


If you are using a proxy server that doesn't require login credentials and you are seeing the online updater hang on 'downloading manifest.xml', then you need to add a made-up username and password in the proxy configuration.
1) Check to see if GWAVAUPD crashed.
For Linux: rcgwavaman status (If you see that GWAVAUPD shows as 'missing' or 'failed' then it has crashed)

For NW: You will see a 'removed address space' message with: Running Thread: GWAVAUPD.NLM 4, and the 'GWAVA Updater Console' will be closed.
2)  Modify the Proxy Server Configuration.
Add a made up username and password for the proxy information in GWAVA Management | Server/Scanner Management | Server | Server Management | Configure Server | Show Proxy Configuration.

3) If GWAVAUPD has crashed it will need to be started back up. The easiest way to start it back up is to restart GWAVA:
For Linux: rcgwavaman restart

For NW: gwavadn (to shutdown) gwavaup (to start it back up)
4) Start the online update again.
The update should run successfully now.

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