How to Upgrade From GWAVA 4.5 to GWAVA 5

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  • 20-Oct-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Linux Only


How to upgrade GWAVA 4 to GWAVA5?


The update process is simple, but GWAVA must first be updated to GWAVA 4.51 before being able to update to GWAVA 5. If GWAVA is on a build before 125, update to build 125.

Once GWAVA has been updated to GWAVA 4.51 then the process is similar to updating from GWAVA 4.5 build 125 to GWAVA 4.51.

1)  Access the GWAVA Management Console.
The management console can be accessed from the URL http://<IP_of_GWAVA_server>:49282
Then please log in using your administrator account.

2) Navigate to the online updates screen.

Press the 'Submit Update Request' button and GWAVA will update the update system.

Wait for the update to complete. Do not navigate away from this page until prompted to restart GWAVA.
3) Restart GWAVA.

To restart the GWAVA system type the following, from the command prompt:

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