What is Spam Reporting?

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  • 31-Jul-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017




How can I submit spam that wasn't blocked to the master system?


Spam Reporting
The signature spam engine included with GWAVA is extremely accurate, however, it is not perfect and
GWAVA still has a way to improve the engine. Spam Reporting is a method by which messages which
are flagged as spam can be submitted and reported to the master system.
When turned-on, GWAVA will keep a clean, unaltered copy of all messages that make it through the
system for three days. If a message that was scored as ‘clean’ by the signature engine is discovered to
be spam, it can be searched for and the unaltered copy will be submitted and reported to the GWAVA
systems as well as modify the local GWAVA rule set.
To facilitate quick reporting of spam, an automatically generated spam reporting link may be added to
the messages which can simply be selected to report the offending message to the GWAVA system. The
generated link may be customized in the provided fields, ensure to use proper syntax and fill out BOTH
fields for a custom link.

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