Creating Trusted Application Key With Reveal

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  • 13-Apr-2012
  • 07-Aug-2017


GroupWise 2012


How do you create a trusted application key with Reveal


1) Open up ConsoleOne
2) Log into Primary Domain
3) Select Primary Doman
4) Click on Tools |  GroupWise System Operations | Trusted Applications
5) Create a new Trusted Application and call it Reveal.
     Select a location to save the file.
     Give the file a name (i.e. revealtapp.txt)
     Click Ok

6) Open up Reveal Trusted Application Configuration Tool
7) Select location of Primary Domain
7) Enter in the name of the Reveal Trusted Application Name (same name that was entered into ConsoleOne)
8) Paste the Trusted Application Key from the text file that was created.
9) Click Create

This will automatically create a reveal.ini file with the encrypted Trusted Application Name and Key so that Reveal can connect up to the GroupWise system. The reveal.ini file is found in domain directory

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