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  • 18-May-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 (any version)


How come my sender address exception/filter doesn't work? How do I find the correct sender address?


GWAVA reads the routing sender address field of the email, which is often different than the sender that is displayed in your GroupWise inbox.  Make sure that you have the routing sender address when you create your exception/filter, otherwise your entry will not work.

You can often read the Return-Path: field to find the sender address that GWAVA reads for scanning through GroupWise.  However, this can be easily spoofed, and most likely is inaccurate if the sender is a spammer.  You can also find the sender address by examing the mail through QMS.

                                                                       To find the sender address in GroupWise                                                                                          

1) Open the mail in GroupWise

2) Click on the Message Source tab

3) Examine the top line where it reads Return-path: to find the address of the sender

                                        To Find the Sender Address in QMS                                                                                      

1) Login to QMS

2) Open the mail  by clicking on the subject

3) Click on Properties tab

4) On the section ROUTING ENVELOPE, the MAIL FROM field will have the sender address

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