Authentication Failed For SMTP After Installing GWAVA

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  • 09-Mar-2011
  • 01-Sep-2017


Gwava SMTP Scanner
Microsoft Exchange 2007
Microsoft Exchange 2010


Mails that are sent to Gwava SMTP will not get through. The Gwava SMTP Log says Authentication fails.
The Exchange Standard configuration does not allow TLS communication from other SMTP Clients unless they can authenticate through Kerberos Encryption. But on the other hand the standard configuration from Exchange requires TLS communication.


In order to get a new Installation of Exchange and Gwava to work together, TLS needs to be configured correctly on both sides.
1)      Open your Exchange Management Console and go to Server Configuration/ Hub Transport, and make sure that the Receive Connectors are enabled
2)      Open the Client configuration of the Hub Transport, click on the Authentication tab and enable Transport Layer Security, Basic Authentication, Offer Basic authentication only after starting TLS, and Exchange Server authentication

3)      Click on the Permission Tab and configure Anonymous users and Exchange users.


4)      Open the Gwava Configuration and go to Server/Scanner Management/your Server/Server Management/
Configure Domains and configure your domain with smtp server IP address, auth username, auth password, encryption set to TLS required, server role set to Receive mail/authenticate, and order to 0.
Be aware that Domain Name, User Name and IP Address need to be configured for your Domain, this is just an example.

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