Getting a Postgres Warning Instead of the Log In Screen When Accessing the GWAVA Management Webpage

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  • 11-Jun-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 6 and Up
Running on Linux


When trying to log in to the GWAVA Management Web page getting a Postgres warning instead of the log in screen.


Usually, when this happens Postgres is either not running or was started after GWAVA. The best thing to do is the following:

1) Stop Postgres: rcpostgresql-9.1 stop

2) Stop GWAVA: rcgwavaman stop

3) Kill any GWAVA processes that wouldn't unload by doing the following:
a) Type: ps ax | grep gwava

b) For each module running kill their  PID number by typing: kill -9 <PID>  <PID>
For example: kill -9 5741 5753 5755

4) Start Postgres by typing: rcpostgresql-9.1 start

5) Start GWAVA by typing: rcgwavaman start

6) Open a browser and go to http://serverIP:49282 (if you already have this open make sure to remove everything after the port).

You should be able to access the GWAVA Management Web Page now.

Additional Information

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