How To Enable Communication Between the Retain Worker and the POA via SSL

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  • 22-Jun-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 1.7x
Retain 1.8x


Due to security reasons, the POA needs to have SOAP SSL required.  Retain has been working for a very long time without it.  SSL over SOAP is now required and Retain needs to communicate with the POA via SSL.  What is the proper way to change Retain to communicate with the POA via SOAP SSL?


Enabling SOAP SSL communication in Retain is a very simple process.  Follow these instructions to make the Retain Worker communicate with the POA via SSL:

1) Login to the Retain Server

2) Select the Worker that needs to communicate via SSL

3) Click the Connection Tab

4) At the bottom of the page, in the GroupWise SOAP Access section, check the box to Enable SSL.  Verify that the IP address and the port are the correct numbers.

Click Save Changes at the top.  The bootstrap does not need to be uploaded to the Retain Worker to make this change effective.

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