Unable to See All GWAVA Servers in My GWAVA System Network

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  • 24-Sep-2010
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Some of my GWAVA servers are unable to see all the other servers on the GWAVA system network.


On occasion, GWAVA server databases may get out of sync causing some servers to no longer be aware of all servers in the GWAVA system network. The GWAVA database is designed to contain all of the data for all servers on the network. Usually one of the databases will be able to see all of the GWAVA servers.  This means that if the "good" database can be found, then it can be copied to all of the other servers and fix the problem. 

Follow these steps for instructions:

1) Find the server with the "good" database.
The easiest way to do this is to find the server that can see all of the other GWAVA servers. 

Log in to the GWAVA Management Console: <server address>:49282

Go to 'Server / Interface Management' and see if all of the servers are displayed.  If not continue looking through the other servers.  Once you have found that server, make note of it, this server will have the "good" database that still contains the information for all of the other servers.

If all of the GWAVA servers can't be seen from at least one, then contact GWAVA support for more help.
2) Shutdown GWAVA on all servers other than the one with the "good" database.

3)  Get a copy of the gwavaman.db from the server with the "good" database. It is found in /opt/beginfinite/gwava/config.

4) Place this gwavaman.db on the other servers in the GWAVA network in the same location, replacing the existing one.

5) Start gwavaman up only by typing: rcgwavaman start gwavaman

6) Open the gwava management web page http://IPaddress:49282 and go through the steps to repair the identity.xml. Make sure that you select the correct server or it will not work!

7) Shut gwavaman back down: rcgwavaman stop gwavaman

8) Start gwavaman backup: rcgwavaman start gwavaman

9) On the gwava management web page click on the link to click here after it has been restarted. Or just launch the web page again and login.

10) Go to Server/Interface management | This server's name | server management | configure server | IP config and change the gwavaman server address to this server's IP.

11) Stop gwavaman and start all of gwava back up: rcgwavaman stop gwavaman
then: rcgwavaman start

12) Repeat these steps with all the other servers on the GWAVA network.

They should now sync. If you are still having an issue it is recommended that you move to the latest version which is Secure Messaging Gateway (GWAVA 7).

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