Error When Trying to Release a Message From the Digest

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  • 29-Oct-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA (all versions)


Getting an error of:
Or an error of:


If you see this error message when trying to release a message from the digest, it means it can't access the message that was quarantined.

1) The most common cause is that the message has already been released and removed.  Make sure the email still exists. 
Log into the QMS as admin, go to the digest tab and see if 'Remove message from users quarantine when released' and/or ' Remove message from QMS when all recipients have released their copy' is checked. 

If these are checked, when a user releases a message it will be removed from the QMS.

2) If you are using QMS2 make sure that it is using the correct digest template. 

Log into the QMS as an admin user.  Click on the Digest tab:

The Template listed here should look like the example: digest2_master.xml.  If it shows digest_master.xml then it is using the template that QMS1 was using.  Simply change this to digest2_master.xml and hit save changes.

Any new digests will have have the correct path to the message and should release fine now.

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