Can I migrate my GWAVA databases from using the internal database structure to using Postgres without losing my configuration or data?

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  • 26-Aug-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Windows or Linux


I am currently using internal SQLite databases for my GWAVA configuration, statistics and quarantine.  Can I migrate these databases to Postgres without losing any data?


There is a tool build directly into the GWAVA Management page that will guide you through this process.
-Open your GWAVA Management Console (http://ip_address:49282)
-From the left navigation menu select System Management | Advanced | System tools | Network, server & DB tools | Database migration.
-This will show you the GWAVA 6 Database Migration Wizard.

The first page will look like the screen shot below.  Make sure to pay close consideration the the Prerequisites and read the entire page before proceeding with the next step.

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