New Users get C05C Errors after a Reload Backup

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  • 12-Jun-2015
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload - Any Version


When creating new Users without logging into that new Accounts and without sending this new Mailbox a Message, the DB get's corrupt after running Reload and getting Error C05C.


This a known issue caused by the GroupWise Timestamp utility from Novell, which Reload uses to advance the GroupWise backup timestamps.

NOTE: See the animated GIF below.

To resolve this problem do the following:

1. Apply the latest FTF of Reload. See:  "Update Reload to the latest FTF".

2. Run Reload Administration in advanced mode as follows:     reload  -a

3. Select Profiles | Post Office Profile | Choose the Profile

4. Enabled the option "Use SmartPurge Workaround"

This option will resolve the potential for the C05C errors being caused by the GroupWise Timestamp utility when it is invoked by GWAVA Reload.

Reload Console Administration
Reload Administration - Advanced Mode

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