How Can I Get an Attachment From a Quarantined Message Without Releasing it?

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  • 11-Dec-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017




I have an email that was quarantined for Oversize. I don't want to release it or forward it because of it's size. How can I get the attachment from the quarantined message, without releasing it?


In order to get an attachment from a quarantined message without releasing it, do the following:

1) Find the quarantined mime file by:

a) Open the message up in the QMS, by clicking on the subject

b) Click on the properties tab

c) Under Core | Container Path, you'll see the path to the mime file. It should look something like: 2015/12/11/11/1b6m4pv.1b6m4q3.msg

d) Get a copy of that .msg file. The container path starts in ...gwava/services/qms/data/storage.

2) Change the file extension from .msg to .eml.

3) Open it with Outlook or Groupwise client and download the attachment from there.

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