Users Unable to Release a Specific Message from the Digest Report or the QMS

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  • 01-Dec-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 6.x, build 29+


I have one or more users that are unable to release a certain message from their digest report, or the QMS. They get an error of:
"The requested digest release could not be released due to restricted content. Please contact your system administrator for assistance with resolving the issue."


Since GWAVA 6.5 build 29 the event scope settings, in the QMS, apply to the digest reports as well as the QMS. Most likely the message they are trying to release was blocked for an event that this user doesn't have rights to release. The default events they have rights to release are: RBL, SURBL, Spam Threshold 4, and Spam Threshold 5. If the message they are trying to release was blocked for a different event and you would like to allow this user or all users to release this event then do the following:

1) Login to QMS as admin
2) Click on the 'Groups' tab, if changing release rights for all users. Click on the 'Users' tab if changing release rights for one user.
3) Click on the 'Event scope' tab
4) Click on 'default' group list, if changing for all users. Click on the user in the list, if changing for one user.
5) Under 'Event scope', check the boxes for each event you would like the default group/user to have rights to release.
6) Hit 'save changes'

The user(s) should now be able to release messages for the event(s) defined.

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