One User not Getting Digests as Well as not Seeing Any Messages in Their Own QMS

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  • 08-Jun-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Running on NW or Linux


One user is not getting digest reports, even though messages are being quarantined for this user for events that should show up in the digest. Also, when logging into the QMS as this user, no messages show up.


If the ownership of messages for a certain user have been designated to another account (such as the admin account), then this user will not receive digests and they will not see any messages when they login to the QMS, using their own login credentials.  To see if the ownership of this user's messages has been given to the admin check the following:

1) Login to QMS as admin
2) Go to Users | Addresses | Managed Addresses
3) Make sure this user is not listed in the list of managed addresses. If it is, remove it.

The user will now be the owner of their blocked messages, allowing them to view their messages in the QMS and receiving digest reports.

Additional Information

This article was originally published in the GWAVA knowledgebase as article ID 1733.