Users Unable to Log in to QMS

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  • 20-May-2010
  • 11-Sep-2017


GWAVA 4 on Linux or Netware

SMTP Scanner


When trying to log in to QMS as a user, QMS gives an error saying "User does not exist or Incorrect credentials"


You will first want to check the gwavaqms log for more information.  Browse to [gwava directory]/services/logs/gwavaqms/support and open the most recent log file. Check the log for entries that look like this:

<ln><p>q</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-14</d><t>10:47:54</t><i>QMS SMTP authentication request to for</i></ln>
<ln><p>q</p><l>2</l><d>2010-JUN-14</d><t>10:47:54</t><i>Failed to connect to for QMS authentication</i></ln>

If you see entries like this in the logs, take the following steps:

1) Check your SMTP server address.

You will find the SMTP server configuration in the GWAVA Management Console under Server/Scanner Management->[server name]->Server Management->Configure domains.

The SMTP server address should not be set to the loopback IP address (, it should be the address of the GWIA or the receiving mail server.

For more information on how to configure the settings on this page refer to this article:

2) Check settings on the GWIA.

In Console One, browse to your GWIA and open the properties window.  Go under Network Address in the GroupWise tab, and check to see if 'Bind Exclusively to TCP/IP Address' option is selected. 

If so, this means that the GWIA only allows binding on the GWIA's IP address.  QMS is trying to contact the GWIA at an address that it is not listening on.

3) Make the necessary changes

Change your SMTP server address on the Configure Domains page, in the GWAVA Management Console, to the address that is listed above in the TCP/IP Address field, and make sure to save the changes.
4) After these changes have been made, try to log in to QMS

Additional Information

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