Removed Address Space on GWAVA4QMS, Running Thread DigestSchd

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  • 29-Mar-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4, 4.5
Running on Netware


I received a removed address space on the QMS2 module:
3-29-2010   3:03:45 am:    SERVER-5.70-2187  [nmID=D0006]                        Removed address space because of memory protection violation                 Address Space:   GWAVA4QMS                                                   Reason:          Page Fault, Attempt to read from non-present page           Running Thread:  DigestSchd                                                  EIP:             0xF41DF116 (QMS2.NLM + 0xA116)                              Access Location: 0x3  


When you see a removed address space with the running thread of DigestSchd, this usually means that a digest release happened while the QMS nightly maintenance was running. It is best to not have digests scheduled to be delivered around the time the maintenance is being done. By default the QMS nightly maintenance is done at 2 AM.

To change the nightly maintenance time you can go to the GWAVA Management page | Server/Scanner Management | Server | Server Management | Configure Server | 'Backup and maintenance time'

If you would like to change the Digest schedule, you can do that by going to the QMS (login as admin) | Digest | Schedule. Uncheck the box that is close to the time that Maintenance is scheduled for. Maintenance may take more then 1 hour to complete.

By changing the time digests are sent, or the QMS maintenance time it should resolve this issue.

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