QMS Login Via Built-In GWAVA Credentials

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  • 20-Oct-2009
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How do I create a login for a user, using the Built-In GWAVA Credentials?


If you need to create a login for a user using the Built-In GWAVA Credentials, so they don't have to authenticate to the GWIA each time, do the following:

1) Create a new admin user in the GWAVA Management page | System Mangement | System Management | Administrator Accounts. Type in the users desired username and password, click on 'add new administrator' then 'save changes'
2) Login to QMS as that user. You will notice that this new user has full admin rights since we created it as an admin user.

3) Remove the admin rights for this user by:
a) Logout of QMS, and back in as admin.
b) Go to 'Users' | User Rights and edit the new user.
c) Uncheck 'Full Administrative Rights' and check 'Delete Messages' and 'Release Messages' (default user rights).

4) Assign an email address you want the new user to have access to.  From the same section as above, click on 'Addresses', then under 'Managed Addresses' add the email address.

Now this user will be able to view email for the defined address, using the Built-In GWAVA credentials.

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