Messages Being Quarantined That Shoudn't Be

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  • 23-Jun-2008
  • 01-Sep-2017


GWAVA 4 (all builds) on NetWare and Linux


Messages in Quarantine Manager for events where quarantining is NOT enabled


1)  First, make sure that there wasn't another event that was triggered for these messages that DOES have quarantine enabled.

Remember, it only takes one event with quarantining enabled for the messages to end up in QMS.  In the example below, by mousing over the events we see that the message was blocked for 3 events:  RBL, SURBL and Spam threshold 5.

2)  Say you don't want to quarantine SURBL at all, even if there are other events triggered. 

In order to do this, you'll want to enable 4-state check boxes:

3)  If a message was quarantined for ONLY ONE event and that event DOES NOT have quarantine enabled, then you'll want to call support to get this resolved

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