Unable to Create a New GW User

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  • 04-Sep-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Vertigo 2.0.x
Using GW 2014


When creating a new GW User in Vertigo, I am getting the error 'Could not create the user in eDirectory'.


Currently, it is not possible to add/create a user in eDirectory via Vertigo, using GW 2014.

The GroupWise 2014 REST API has limitations with creating objects in eDirectory. It doesn't provide a way to update a directory. Because of this Vertigo is not able to create a user in a directory. However, Vertigo can create a GW user successfully.

We hope to have the feature available in future releases of Vertigo.

Note: From Novell "With GW2014, the new admin console has only a pull model to edir and/or AD. It can sync to an existing object in a directory, but cannot create objects. So, Admins will have to modify their workflow for account creation.
There is an iManager plugin for GroupWise 2014, where you can assign a new or exiting user to a GW postoffice. There is also a MMC plugin for AD that does the same thing, but only at account creation time"

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