Reload 4.1 10/13/2014 Patch - Reload Version 410040

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  • 11-Sep-2014
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Reload 4.1 October 13th, 2014 Patch - Reload Version 410040

If you do not want to read about the patch, just go here for directions on how to upgrade Reload


A few minor bugs and enhancements have been added in Reload 4.1 Version 410040. See the fixes and enhancements below.


Fixes 1. Administrators would get e-mails from the Reload server that would indicate that there was an error of some type. But the message body of the error message would not indicate the nature of the error. Enhancements 1. Added functionality where the Reload Daemon will not run profile monitoring routines every minute while backup jobs are running.  The Daemon will only run the profile monitoring routines twice an hour while jobs are running. The monitoring routines were expensive on disk i/o, which for some customer systems would be too taxing on the Reload server while backup jobs are running. This functionality is already enabled when Reload 4.1 is installed. To disable this functionality do the following from within Reload Console Administration: System | Control | Menu Option 6 - Disable it. 2. Added Nagios integration. The Nagios scripts are located in /opt/beginfinite/reload/setup/nagios. The syntax for using the scripts is: <script name> -p <reload profile name> For example: -p po1 3. Enhanced the Reload Event Log with new information. The Reload Event Log now shows calculates the total size of all GroupWise databases and indexes that were copied by a particular post office backup. The line in the event log similar to this: DATE: Thu_Oct_09 TIME: 12:35:57 PROFILE: PO1 - [GRE_DBS] Total Amount Copied: 3.63 GB NOTE: Reload 4.1 added the ability to make much smaller patches. So for customers that have already applied Reload 4.1, the patch that Reload downloads will be about 60 megabytes in size. This is in contrast with the original Reload 4.1 release which was 560 megabytes in size.  

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