Speeding up Data Migration

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  • 04-Aug-2014
  • 07-Aug-2017


Migration Toolkit


Part 1:  Discusses how to increase the volume of messages being migrated.
Part 2:  Discusses how to modify the memory settings for Migration Toolkit.


Part 1

1. Increase throttling on the Exchange Server. See Appendix B of the Migration Toolkit documentation.

2. Spin up additional machines or VMs to run the Migration Toolkit software.

3. Configure the MTK message batch Size values as follows:

a.  Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\GWAVA\Migration Toolkit\EmailMigrator\config
b.  Edit the groupwise.properties file as follows:


NOTE:  Make sure the gw.batchSize setting matches the ews.createItemBatchSize setting in the exchange.properties file.

c.  Edit the exchange.properties file as follows:


NOTE:  Make sure the ews.createItemBatchSize setting matches the setting in the gw.batchSize groupwise.properties file.


d.  In the UI, set the threads to the maximum value of 5.


 PATH: C:\Program Files(x86)\GWAVA\Migration Toolkit\EmailMigrator

(EmailMigrator64.l4j.ini)   is the file that needs to be modified to add memory for the Migration Tool Kit.

The top number in the file is the min. memory setting and the top number is the maximum memory setting

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