How To Manually Test dbcopy

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  • 26-Feb-2008
  • 16-Oct-2017


Micro Focus Disaster Recover (Reload) 2 - 5
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 - 12


Seeing dbcopy errors in the log and would like to test if dbcopy is working.  This will determine whether Reload or dbcopy is the problem. 


To test dbcopy when a dbcopy error in the Reload log occurred, run the following steps:

1.  Create a temporary directory in the /mnt directory.  In this example will use 'temp' (/mnt/temp).  This is where you will map (mount) the remote file system locally. 

  • To create a directory in terminal, type:
mkdir /mnt/temp 

2.  Now  a connection to the remote file system will need to be made.  This is done using the 'mount' command.

  • This example is for an nfs exported directory (commonly used in Reload for live GroupWise systems on the Linux platform.  Make sure that the live PO is exported prior to attempting this mount.  This will be done already if a Reload profile was configured using the Linux to Linux profile wizard):

mount -v -t nfs <hostname or server IP>:/<exportdir> /mnt/temp 

  • This example is for an nss type filesystem (used with NetWare based GroupWise systems): 

ncpmount -A -S NW65_SERVER1 -U admin.context -V gw7vol /mnt/temp

* Note, gw7vol is the name of the NetWare volume that your live GroupWise Post Office is on.
* Notice the space between the first and second directories.  In Linux mount commands, after the flags, you need to specify the remote source, and the local mount path to map to.
* In keeping with the NetWare example, the contents in the remote location of on volume GW7VOL, will appear locally on the Linux box at /temp.

3.  Next a second temporary directory needs to be created.  This is where we will instruct dbcopy to copy your GroupWise Post Office to.  Will call it /potemp and will create it in the /mnt directory as well (/mnt/potemp).

4.  Finally, will call the dbcopy process to begin PO migration. 

  • Browse to the /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin directory on your Reload box and type 'ls' to verify that the dbcopy file is in there.  It should have been placed there automatically when Reload was installed.

  • Now type the following at the command prompt:

./dbcopy -o -k -m /mnt/temp /mnt/potemp 

This should begin a migration from the remote PO to the local machine

*Note, it may be necessary to kill the process id in order to stop the migration.  Once dbcopy starts, it doesn't like to stop.  Type "ps aux | grep dbcopy" at the command line find the process id, and type "kill -9 [id number]" (it's usually 4 or 5 digits right near the first).

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