How to Configure Self Correction Delay

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  • 01-Dec-2011
  • 07-Aug-2017


Redline 3.5.1 build 1011 or higher


The purpose of this document is to provide step-by-step instructions for enabling Self Correction Delay alerts on Redline Alerts.


Self Correction Delay is designed for monitored agents that vary in their response time.  This is an ideal feature to use when dealing with a remote post office on a slow WAN.  The slow response can often trigger a false alert.  To minimize a potential false alert, Redline will forgo notification (the alert still fires) for the next reporting cycle (2 minutes by default).  If the situation resolves in the next cycle, the alert will be automatically solved, and no notification will be sent.  The record of the alert remains stored in the database, and will be listed as solved by "SelfCorrected".  However, if two sequential cycles are missed, a notification will be sent and the alert will be handled according to it's normal settings. To enable Self Correction Delay  on an alert, open the properties of any alert from Configure | Thresholds/Recommendations.
Alternatively, this can be done using the configure alert icon on the Alerts page.

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