Loading Redline Into Protected Memory

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  • 11-Sep-2007
  • 07-Aug-2017


NetWare 6.5 SP5 NetWare 6.0 latest SP Redline 2.5.x Redline 3.x


Redline Control Center and Agents ABEND badly when unloading from protected memory.


In order for the Redline agents to unload from protected memory properly, libc.nlm must be updated. Doing so will avoid the rough abend that causes the server to reboot. To apply the libc.nlm and load Redline into protected memory, perform the following steps. This will require the server to be rebooted. 1. Check your libc.nlm version. It must be dated May 8, 2006 or later. If not you will experience abends upon unloading the memory address space. Updating to the latest NetWare service pack is the easiest way to resolve this. 2. Modify the VOLUME_NAME:\opt\beginfinite\redline\bin\RLAG.NCF and RLCC.NCF to load into protected memory example: load address space=redagnt rlag6.nlm -c sys:\opt\beginfinite\redline\conf\rlagent.conf -d2 example: load address space=redcc rlcc6.nlm -c sys:\opt\beginfinite\redline\conf\rlcenter.conf -d2 5. Reboot the server. 6. To unload the Redline Agent from protected memory type: unload address space=redagnt To unload the Redline Control Center from protected memory type: unload address space=redcc ***NOTE: It is possible there will be several messages stating that certain nlms must be unloaded prior to unloadeding the memory space. This is normal. Simply wait a few moments, and the Agent/Control Center will unload.

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