Quarantine Database Failed A Nightly Integrity Check

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  • 29-Apr-2008
  • 12-Oct-2018


GWAVA 4 (build 100+) NetWare Linux


Administrator receives the following email delivered from GWAVA:

"Your GWAVA quarantine database failed a nightly integrity check which may cause problems for accessing quarantined mail and possibly create program stability issues within GWAVAQMS.

Please open a Service Request at microfocus.gwava.com/customercenter  or call on +1-800-858-4000 for help in open a Service Request to reach a GWAVA Technical Support Engineer."


This email is generated by GWAVA.  During maintenance QMS runs an integrity check on each of the three databases: qms_data.db, qms_user.db, and qms_digest.db.  If it fails the integrity check, then notification is sent through the GWAVA SMTP mailer to the defined administrator.   This indicates that one of the QMS database files is malformed. 1.  To determine which "db" file is corrupt, browse to [volume]:[path to:]/gwava4/services/qms/data/err directory for NetWare , or opt/beginfinite/gwava4/services/qms/data/err for Linux. 2.  Sort the files by date modified.  Check the files with the current date only.  Check if any of them start with "datadb".  Open the file.  Check  if it contains a message that the "...disk image is malformed." If the disk image is malformed, it is necessary to rebuild the qms_data.db. Click the link below for instruction on how to rebuild. Quarantine Database is Malformed, or Missing Messages. Rebuild QMS Without Mail Flow Interruption. 3.  If the errors are referencing other databases or there are no files from the current date in the directory, then it is recommended to follow the instruction of the email and contact support.

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